Science Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Well, I love ice cream and I have an embarrassing number of loyalty stamps from Science Cream.

I recently visited this small shop in Castle Arcade because I love ice cream and I had heard that this ice cream was better than your regular 99.

The first thing you notice when you enter is how light and bright the interior appears; the white makes the place feel scientific and this affirmed by the ‘ice cream makers’ who wear lab coats. This adds to the sense of fun and excitement you feel when you enter.

It is an experience that involves all your senses; the sweet smell of the ice cream, the lively interior, the eerie smoke. Oh yes! When you enter, the area where they make the ice cream is barred off with clear protective boards with mixers, metal bowls and the key ingredient – Liquid Nitrogen.

Not only does it make the place utterly unique, it also is there for a practical reason – in a science experiment gone wrong, someone discovered that liquid nitrogen, if added to ice cream improves the flavour. The liquid nitrogen creates miniscule ice crystals which quickly evaporates after touching the ice-cream. Liquid nitrogen boils at -196C, meaning you won’t be able to taste it but this is what causes the really cool smoke, that bobs and swirls around the ‘scientists’ that create this delicious treat.

When I visited, there were so many options to choose from; the classic Madagascan vanilla remained but sat alongside Breakfast Cereal and Caramelised Peanut Butter. The changes change weekly but the classics always feature accompanied by new adventurous flavours.

So, I am not the best at choosing but it was close to Valentine’s Day so I decided go for the special - Cupid’s Straw-Brûlée (Small: £3.95, Large: £4.95) which was Coconut or Custard Vanilla Crème anglaise ice cream, (I went for coconut) topped with Italian meringue marshmallow dipped strawberries & fresh raspberry sauce.

It was absolutely delicious – much creamier than regular ice cream and the toppings complimented rather than overpowered the ice cream. This balance means that I will definitely be visiting here again.

I loved visiting Science Cream, the atmosphere was amazing – fun but I also felt like I was learning about Sceince, the décor is lovely and the ice cream should be called ‘really, really nice cream.’ Better yet, it is only a stones throw away from Mrs Potts and as it is right next to the castle, on a sunny day, it would be great to enjoy this treat sat outside Cardiff Castle.

As the weather is only just entering spring, I think I will relax inside but in my opinion, although it may be cold outside, it is never too cold for ice cream.


Science Cream Ice Cream Parlour is located at 28 Castle Arcade. All details were correct as of Feb 2016.

By Elouise Hobb

Infinity Trampoline Park

If you are looking for something exciting and different that will make your heart pound loudly in your ears then look no further than Infinity Trampoline Park, Cardiff.

This centre is a new addition to Catherine Park and is right next to Boulders Rock Climbing Centre. I hadn’t been on a trampoline since school and the thought was a bit daunting but I had the best afternoon, it was so much fun and there were giggles all round.

When you arrive, the place looks a bit like an industrial estate with grey buildings and massive shops but when you enter, you are greeted by something completely different. The centre is covered in trampolines and the bright yellow and red padding and foam pits bring lots of colour and this emphases the pleasure that simmers in the air.

The centre advises you to arrive 20 minuets before your session begins so you can put your shoes and socks into the boxes, sign the waiver and listen to a safety talk by one of their trained supervisors. It costs £7 for an hour off peak and slightly more (£9) during peak times. The centre is open from 10am most days and closes between 9pm-10pm during the week and is open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Although there were children at our session, I was surprised by how many groups of adults there were. There is no age limit but you have to make sure you can still participate on health grounds. They run a three strikes system which works really well to prevent people acting dangerously in the center but apart form that, its really relaxed and you have freedom to do what you want.

There is the main court in which ‘open jump’ is encouraged. It has tumble tracks, boxes, walled trampolines and vaults, which mean that the possibilities of what to do are endless. But, if you are like me, you can just have competitions with your friends to see who can jump the highest!

There is a basketball area where you can do your best impression of Michael Jordan; a dodge ball area where you can have a game (or just fall over trying to pick up the balls) or just make up your own game.

If you fancy yourself the next best free-runner there is a vertical trampoline wall, which allows everyone to experience the thrill of parkour. The center also has fitness classes (it is the best workout I have has in a long time), which run on a weekly basis.

The foam pit is a great area to dive into whilst practicing your flips. I honestly thought there is no way I can do a flip (due to my highly inept acrobatic and general co-ordination skills) but by the end of the session, with some help from the on hand instructors, a bit of sweat and a lot of hard work, I was doing backflips! Not bad for an hours work!

I had such a great time at the center, it was really fun, felt like a real workout and it was just great to do something different. Best of all, it is only a short ride from the city center and it is a great opportunity to make some great slow motion videos to show off your new skills to all your friends!

One important thing to note is that the park is changing locations as of the 31st January 2016. Please ask Staff for updated details. All details are correct as of 6th December 2015.

By Elouise Hobbs



Tour of the Millennium Stadium

A guided tour of the Millennium Centre is great for sports fans but also a very interesting way to learn a bit about Cardiff and its history. 

The Stadium on Match Day.

Located in the heart of the city and opened in 2000, the building has now become iconic, hosting everything from sporting events to music concerts. This tour allows you to look behind the scenes at parts of the stadium usually restricted to the public and there is a lot more than initially meets the eye.

The tour started in the Millennium Stadium Gift Shop, just off Westgate Street and we were given lanyards, which we got to keep at the end – a lovely memento of the day. The tour runs most days but is subject to change dependant on the events that are happening in the stadium. The tours are very reasonably priced at £10.50 for adults or £8 for students.

We were greeted by our tour guide who led us into a room where we watched a film about that development of the stadium and the important moments of its history.

We then made the short walk to the stadium itself. We were led in through a back door; the player’s entrance and she talked us through the memorabilia on the walls. When we got taken to the player’s dressing room and we were thoroughly impressed. The player’s dressing rooms have just been redesigned and it was left just how the players would have it before a match, jersey’s on the wall, massage table set up and exercise gear ready to go.

The Welsh Player’s Dressing Room adorned with kit and the Welsh Rugby Union’s icon in traditional Cardiff red.

From the dressing room we headed towards the press office, which is dedicated to Ray Gravell, the world famous player, commentator and fundraiser. It was so interesting to hear about his life and contribution to the sport and you also got to sit behind the press desk.

We then walked through the player’s tunnel, when you walk down it, you can almost hear the cheers that greet the players as they walk onto the pitch. From the pitch, you can really appreciate the magnitude of the stadium, it is the biggest stadium in Europe as it is able to seat up to 74,500 fans.

On the tour, you learn about the intricate details of how the pitch is kept in perfect condition with a palletised system and the only fully retractable roof in the UK.

You then travel to the top tiers where you can sit where the Queen has sat when she came to see a game, view the private boxes where the rich and famous enjoy events in the lap of luxury and even lift a trophy.

It was such a fun day and great way to experience the historic stadium from a different perspective. 

By Elouise Hobbs